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Since childhood, Monika has been passionate about body movement and actively involved in a range of exercise modalities, from gymnastics, dance, and kickboxing to intense gym training. However, due to a motorbike accident, she began suffering from injuries that motivated her to start practicing Pilates to rehabilitate her body. With discipline and daily Pilates practice, Monika gradually got back to the activities that she loved dearly; which consequently led to her determination in passing this practice to help others experience the positive changes that she felt.

As a specialist Pilates instructor, Monika teaches her clients how correct alignment, quality of movement and dedicated breathing can all balance and strengthen the body. Monika’s aim, as an instructor, is to inspire and enable you to feel strong and connected to your body as well as pain-free, calm, and at ease.



Federica is originally from Italy where she trained as a ballet and contemporary dancer. She moved to this country to work in theatre, TV and has been touring across Europe with various artists as a dancer, assistant choreographer, and dance coach. She has been teaching Pilates for the past ten years after attending the Body Control Pilates course and since then she also attended various workshops, most recently at the Laban centre.

Federica teaches groups and one-to-one classes across London as well as in physiotherapy centres.

Heidi - Peak Pilates


Heidi Vandenbroek is from NYC and has been teaching pilates in London since 2009. She welcomes all ages but holds a specific focus on prenatal and postnatal needs

With over ten years of experience in women’s health and working with clients with various interests, Heidi has honed her skills and expertise to create tailored program that meet the unique needs of each client. From group fitness to one on one.

Expecting ? Returning to Fitness ? Pilates can be a powerful tool for expectant and new mothers to maintain their physical and mental health, reduce stress, and prepare for the challenges of childbirth and motherhood.Heidi takes a holistic approach to Pilates, reflecting workouts based on how the body presents itself focusing on the mind-body connection to improve overall health and wellbeing. She’s worked at major gyms, personal studios, and closely with women’s health physiotherapists to ensure that her clients are offered the right support to maintain fitness and recovery.

Whatever your needs, Heidi offers personalised guidance to help you get back to your regular day-to-day activities.

She focuses on women’s health, specifically on diastasis, menopause and scoliosis.




Lisa comes from a dance and volleyball background and she started to practise Pilates in 2008 ! After few years of intense practice in 2010 she graduated from Body Harmonics (Toronto) in Reformer and Matwork. She started to work in some Pilates studios in Italy and in 2013 she moved to London. In 2017 she graduated from Body Harmonics in Cadillac and Chair. She currently attends different workshops as pre and post natal, post rehab, anatomy, postural analyses and working with small tools ( foam roller, flex rings, balls and bends ) in order to improve her knowledge and being able to help every kind of clients with all their different needs! She focuses her ability to let people understand the importance to find harmony between mind and body trying to strengthen the core at the same
time working in private sessions and small groups

Alice-Bianca Bocsan peakpilateslondon instructor


Yasemin is a 12 years experienced Balanced Body Pilates teacher, NPI certified Posture Corrector and a PT who focuses on strength, balance, flexibility and good posture. She has also given several workshops on the importance of a good posture on physical and mental health. She helps people with back, neck, knee, should problems; also guides them in their journey to lose / put on weight, become more flexible and correct their posture. She is fun to work with and friendly.

Alice-Bianca Bocsan Peak Pilates Instructors

Alice-Bianca Bocsan

At the age of 4 my parents enrolled me in a Shotokan Karate group, where I developed on a professional level until I achieved Brown Belt and practiced over 10 years.
This led me to win some important European championships in Austria, Italy & Germany.
My background with yoga started with practicing Strala in 2012,.
This followed with an invitation from Tara Stiles, Founder of Strata NYC, for a yoga class she held in Cologne, Germany.
After that, I completed my 200hrs+ Teacher Training in London and started guiding both 1-0-1 Classes & group classes in various gym, corporate & wellbeing settings.
My first Reformer class was led by Robin Kendall at Frame Kings Cross in 2020, I left class with my body feeling the most aligned and energised it ever felt.
In summer of 2022, I went to Fiona Kavanagh’s Reformer Pilates class at the Proud Project W4. Where I instantly fell in love with Reformer Pilates and it felt the right moment for me to dedicate myself to Pilates. Fiona has encouraged me to do my teacher training in Reformer Pilates and it became my favourite approach to movement.
I dedicated the entire summer to study and practice.
At the moment I am delivering Reformer Pilates & Yoga classes on a full-time basis in London, England.

Marjan Farahanipour

Marjan Farahanipour

I have been a Pilates instructor since 2012. To me, Pilates is so much more than exercise. It truly is a way of life. It changes the perspective of those who do it. In my reformer practise, I combine traditional Pilates movements – which isolate specific muscles individually – with fitness routines – based on performing slow movements – that together employ many muscle groups, with simultaneously reduced rest times between exercises.



Victoria currently teaches reformer pilates for two of the UKs largest fitness corporations and

has been a pilates practitioner for over 10 years.

Her experience in competitive sports along with working for FT 100 companies in the City guide her practice;  as she not only understands bodies, movement and how to train to achieve results, but also how to professionally set targets and monitor progress.

Just as Joseph Pilates drew on influences such as kung fu and Tai Chi, Victoria creatively crafts her classes by drawing on her additional qualifications in yoga, mat pilates, pre and post natal pilates, meditation, dance, personal  training and nutrition; as well as her own independent studies in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal health.

She’s passionate about getting people to move more so that we retain strength, function and remain pain and injury free as we age.

Often noted for her positive energy, Victoria’s classes are fun, build functional strength and aim to leave you stronger, educated about your body more energised and rejuvenated.

Bety Pujol Cajal

Bety Pujol Cajal

Bety Pujol Cajal, a highly skilled multidisciplinary artist hailing from Argentina, currently resides in London, UK. She has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in various dance forms, including Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, Argentine Folklore, Tango, and Pilates, with a special emphasis on injury rehabilitation. Bety has earned a bachelor’s degree in dance and a dance teacher’s degree and has completed comprehensive training as a Pilates instructor. Her unique blend of expertise in multiple disciplines makes her a valuable asset to any dance project or teaching endeavor. Throughout her career, Bety has contributed her talents and expertise to numerous dance projects and teaching engagements in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Hungary, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and France.



Verner trained as a professional ballet dancer for 9 years and graduated under the same professor as Mikhail Baryshnikov (Carrie’s lover in “Sex and the City”). To counterbalance his strict, classical upbringing Verner moved to London and studied for a BA in Theatre Dance widening his horizons not just in dance but also in other stage disciplines. During the course he discovered Pilates. Upon graduation, he received the Elizabeth West award for best young performance director and established his own physical theatre company.
Among other creative work as an actor, performer and model he also worked in more static office jobs as a cinema manager/projectionist and account manager which eventually led to his return and qualification as a Mat and Reformer Pilates trainer.
Now besides teaching, Verner is also a filmmaker.

Verner’s classes are simple, comprehensive, energetic and challenging at your level. He is knowledgeable, good at giving direction for everyone to follow, patient and by your side to correct when needed. His classes are good mix of fitness exercises mixed with old school pilates yet keeping up with the latest exercise science and guidelines.


10 sessions (+1 Free Session)​
£ 200
  • 11 sessions of Reformer Pilates
  • Valid for 6 months from purchase date


20 sessions (+2 Free Sessions)​
£ 360
  • 22 sessions of Reformer Pilates
  • Valid for 9 months from purchase date


30 sessions (+3 Free Sessions)​
£ 510
  • 33 sessions of Reformer Pilates
  • Valid for 12 months from purchase date