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“The mind, when housed within a healthful body,
possesses a glorious sense of power”

Pilates Classes In North West London

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Book a session at our studio, located in the heart of Mill Hill, to experience a superior form of Pilates that not only increases the stability of your joints, but further aligns your posture, elongates your muscles, and increases flexibility.

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Reformer Pilates

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Each of our registered Reformer Pilates teachers have gone through certified training programs, specialising strictly according to the basic principles of the inventor Joseph Hubertus Pilates. At Peak Pilates, we provide guidance for all levels of practice so you can decide what feels best for your body.

Reformer Pilates in North West London

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With a variety of equipment and classes to fit your needs

At Peak Pilates we offer a wide range of Reformer Pilates equipment to help you achieve your unique individual goal. Whether you wish to tone & tighten your body, lose weight, become more flexible, or rehabilitate from an injury, we offer the Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Spine Corrector, and the Reformer to guide you and prepare your body to achieve the best possible results.

At our studio, we strive to provide an excellent customer experience for all visitors. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the premises, allowing you to stay connected with your work or friends and family. Café next to us, serves delicious food and beverages, so you can take a break and recharge. We also provide free car parking for all guests, so you can park your car with ease and enjoy your time at our studio. Additionally, you may use the car wash service in the car park, ensuring that your vehicle is clean and shiny when you leave.
variety of equipment

in north west

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10 sessions (+1 Free Session)​
£ 200
  • 11 sessions of Reformer Pilates
  • Valid for 6 months from purchase date


20 sessions (+2 Free Sessions)​
£ 360
  • 22 sessions of Reformer Pilates
  • Valid for 9 months from purchase date


30 sessions (+3 Free Sessions)​
£ 510
  • 33 sessions of Reformer Pilates
  • Valid for 12 months from purchase date